Made in Birmingham

I was recently contacted by some students from Birmingham School of Architecture and asked to take part in an exhibition they’re organising called Made in Birmingham for an upcoming RIBA/BAA event. The request was simply to pick my favourite building in the city and provide a 50 word explanation. Here’s what I’ve just submitted: Bournville […]

inputs and outputs

Still here. Like a Norwegian Blue, I’ve just been resting. I return with some summer frippery. First, another day in the life post, since the past one proved quite popular. This time delivered via twitter, an offering made even more poignant perhaps by yesterday’s news that they’ve pulled the plug on the UK. So, from […]

more space

I have to admit that I might not have been entirely clear in my previous post about Venn diagrams, rifts and Egon Spengler. Behind all the mucking about with sci-fi analogies, it’s simply an attempt to use a drawing language that makes me think about aspects of projects and problems that may usually be overlooked. […]

I will survive

Recently received by e-mail, here are some alternative lyrics for use during any karaoke event over the coming festive period: THE ARCHITECT SONG (to the tune of I Will Survive) At first I was afraid, I was petrified thinking I could not design what you had specified But then I spent too many years redrawing […]


Buildings that rock: Architectural nightmare no. 666 I’m trapped in a building by Satriani. It’s suffocating and claustrophobic with nowhere to stand back and view the spaces. If there were you’d realise there are no spaces to view. An architecture whose rhythm is drowned out by the relentless onslaught of over-hand tapped out details on […]

return ticket to hell and back

Justin Hawkins, front man of The Darkness, greets the crowd at last night’s Birmingham gig in what I can only describe as a flying breastship. With flashing nipples. Pyrotechnics, wit and impressive musicianship. Teasing us with the occasional opening bar of a Van Halen track and reminding us not to take it all too seriously […]


Buildings that rock: Architectural dream no.[series summation]* To make a building as satisfying to experience on every level – from the minutest detail to the sum of the whole – as Jimi Hendrix’s Little Wing. The feel of the door handles could be sensed from a mile away. It’s place in the urban grain would […]

memo 2

and this too: Lagos Chop Up (Honest Jon’s)

Who are you?

The only bit of Live 8 that made any sense to me was the Who’s performance. They played Who Are You? with the faces of world leaders flashing up behind them and followed it with Won’t Get Fooled Again – one of the best records ever made – meet the new boss, same as the […]


Note to self – buy this single: William Campbell & Kevin MacNeil – ‘Local Man Ruins Everything’ (7″) (Fantastic Plastic)