for our pleasure and interest

Blogging like it’s 2004. That’s the answer it seems. In which case I should return to my habit of just lazily scanning cool stuff and putting it on flickr. So, for no better reason than a desire to share some beautiful illustrations, I give you the 1961 Ladybird guide to London: The authorities of the […]

Made in Birmingham

I was recently contacted by some students from Birmingham School of Architecture and asked to take part in an exhibition they’re organising called Made in Birmingham for an upcoming RIBA/BAA event. The request was simply to pick my favourite building in the city and provide a 50 word explanation. Here’s what I’ve just submitted: Bournville […]

Travel tips

I’m spending this coming weekend in Dublin. Anybody have any good suggestions for places/spaces/buildings/restaurants to visit?

Wolverhampton Gallery

Opening (I’m told) in March 2007, here’s a preview of the nearly completed extension to my local gallery. I’m looking forward to reviewing it next year, as the original proposal was the subject of one of my first blog entries in 2004: Triangular in plan, the new building sits in an existing courtyard space with […]

the kids are alright

In respectful silence we shuffle around the room. Lips tightly sealed, chins being stroked pensively; nobody daring to appear unaware of the importance of the artefacts on the walls and floor. We’re monks in a monastery of modernism. Spectacles, testicles, wallet, watch. Chattering as she goes, my three year old daughter rattles across the floor […]

a panoply

A local post for local people. This is the height of laziness, but I’m going to let Matthew announce a new project I’m involved in since he’s already done such a good job on his own blog… Wolverhampton Freeycle has quietly been building up over the past few months. With virtually no promotion, there are […]

more sky

More Skyspace details from Neil: A couple of extra observations: I was in there on Sunday. We had a really grim weekend with stacks of rain, and the floor was all grimed up, plenty of mud and water in the drainage channels. The roofhole /is/ open to the elements, and it’s actually quite nice when […]


Friday. A long day of CAD drafting ahead of me. My spirits are lifted briefly by the latest article by Hugh Pearman about James Turrell’s installation, Skyspace. I get to the links at the bottom and realise that it’s at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Hooray for the interweb! I know someone nearby… From: Rob To: […]


“How nice he is! How gallant! Why the boy’s a bit of a ladies’ man already: he takes after his uncle. He’ll be a perfect gentleman,”, she added, clenching her teeth to give the phrase a slightly British accent. “Couldn’t he come have a cup of tea with me sometime, as our neighbours the English […]

lost and found

18 KIsNationalMuseum,1977, cou Tidying the office, looking for a missing drawing, found this photocopy of a book with the annotation just off the edge of the page…my boss can’t remember the name of the architect, any takers? Beautiful, isn’t it?