Reminisce – recipes, podcast and the undefinable

A final collection of archive links before accepting the need to get on with 2007 and write something new. The podcast (which so far contains only two episodes): Episode 2 – ArchWeekWalk Annotated walk to my office Episode 1 – Jencks and Erskine Erskine puts the world (and critics) to rights And other topics…This is […]

ArchWeekWalk ArchWeekAnecdotes

Following on from the podcast to cover your journey to Birmingham, here’s an annotated walk to the office for tomorrow’s ‘Open Practice’ day. Either follow it by walking the streets or be lazy and download a copy of Google Earth then use it to open this file: rob.annable.co.uk/docs/Birmingham-ArchWeekWalk.kmz Alternatively, add a ‘network link’ to the […]


no, 2 self podcast episode 1: Charles Jencks and Ralph Erskine – Participatory Politics and Organic Design (mp3 file – 17Mb). It was only a matter of time before I got seduced by the idea of doing a podcast. This will hopefully be a two part program (if I manage to finish part 2 next […]