Reminisce – recipes, podcast and the undefinable

A final collection of archive links before accepting the need to get on with 2007 and write something new. The podcast (which so far contains only two episodes): Episode 2 – ArchWeekWalk Annotated walk to my office Episode 1 – Jencks and Erskine Erskine puts the world (and critics) to rights And other topics…This is […]

architects and their tools

Podcasts I can recommend: In a moment of extreme generosity and bravery, I let Al Morrissey cut loose with the final part of the latest recipe from Crash Test Kitchen this weekend. Homegrown cookery lessons on video, much easier to learn than reading a list of ingredients:

spoon the mix into the ring

Libby has asked me to type it up, so here’s a wonderfully simple cheescake recipe, passed to me by my father-in-law (who found it online somewhere), that’s been impressing everyone I’ve made it for so far. The original used two lemons and more Mascarpone cheese but it works better by switching one lemon with an […]

eve’s pudding

I promised a series of more haptic entries and then disappeared back into the Real World to deal with the all too haptic experience of moving house. So, where were we? Amidst the colours, shapes, sounds and smells of childhood rests the memories of certain TV personalities. Delia Smith, Ken Hom, Madhur Jaffrey – all […]

Fettuccine spinaci e pollo

I cooked this a few weeks ago when Mike and Libby came over one evening, but haven’t had chance to write it up until now. Since I’ve been trying a few dishes from Asia recently, I decided to switch location and move to Italy. I’m a sucker for any pasta dish, and I think Mike […]


There are probably about a million places on the web that you might find a recipe for the following drink. However, I feel no shame in making it one million and one, as this entry is repeated verbatim from the instructions given to me by work colleagues on my birthday last year (along with a […]

You’ll have had your tea

My boss has just returned from a weekend in his home country, bringing with him a national delicacy – the Scottish Buttery. He brought a pack into the office this morning and we had them lightly toasted with marmalade. They were absolutely delicious. Especially when washed down with my new tipple – white tea. So […]


Still not quite getting the Chinese Dumplings right. Last time I ended up making the dough too thick around the pork and it didn’t cook through properly. Next time I’m going to try a different dough recipe that doesn’t use oil or egg. Found this one at a different site: Jiaozi dough 3 cups flour […]

Dont forget the route, Ginger

Saturday night’s visitors, Simon and Gemma, got to sample my cullinary skills. Inspired by the comical name for the new wine bar on Ludgate Hill in Birmingham – ‘Mongolian and Motown’ – I decided to try the Mongolian Beef recipe submitted to everything2: Ingredients 1 lb fillet or sirloin steak 3 tablespoons groundnut oil/vegetable oil […]


Lifted this recipe from everything2 on Tuesday. Visit the site and do a search for pancakes to see the rest of the write up; it puts forward a pretty convincing case for the delight of making things for yourself. Put down that packet mix and get out the mixing bowl. 3 Tsp butter, melted 1 […]