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stepping aside

Dear no, too self We’ve been expecting too much of each other of late, I think we need to take a break. No, wait, don’t get upset. It’s not about you, it’s me, it’s my fault. I’ve promised you so much and let you down so often. You deserve better. I think we need to […]

latest discoveries:

Deconstruction icon Derrida dies RIP Jaques – see here for more Kings of Convenience mp3s found via stereogum delivered (almost) daily at (almost) midnight via del.icio.us.

breaking up is hard to do

Following my previous dalliances with that odd French philosophy, deconstruction; I’ve just added to the list of philosophers break-up lines over at ‘Thoughts, Arguments and Rants’ (found via growabrain). Deconstructivist: ‘I don’t even know if it’s about me or about you, I can’t tell what’s right or wrong. All I know is that something has […]

For Al, Joseph and Nikos

My friend Al just got back from a weekend in Paris but he didn’t have time to visit Parc de la Villete; Joseph Clarke of That Brutal Joint is in Paris this week and has just posted his thoughts on Parc de la Villette; and for all I know Nikos Salingaros may even be in […]

tidy up

A little housekeeping before I go away for the weekend. It’s been quite rightly pointed out to me that I’m guilty of something I swore I’d never do: neglecting the humble 56k modem. Apologies to any readers who’ve been cursing at the number of graphics on the page of late and the time it takes […]

Contextual Slippage and the Info Pimp Force Diagram

A couple of weeks ago, my boss spent the weekend at his daughter’s flat in Canary Wharf in London. Photographs from the trip reminded me of an interior design competition I entered with a couple of friends about 5 years ago. The brief was to design the fit out of the penthouse on one of […]

that building

A couple of weeks ago I posted some entries that included a mention of something called ‘this building’ and then ‘that building’. I should explain that the building in question was the new Selfridges store by Future Systems. I had an entry about it written on my PDA, but a clumsy battery replacement wiped it […]