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Walking through the square a couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about the snippets of information/fabrications that you overhear as you walk through a city. Sounds approaching, passing and receding as you flâneurificate about town. What’s a flâneur? Webster defines it simply as “an idle man-about-town,” one of those fin-de-siècle dandies who ambled through […]

suicide is painless

This entry is best read to the sound of Loudon Wainwright’s song, Donations (2Mb mp3 link). When they go through my wallet and fish out my license, they’ll learn my D.O.B and my eyes were blue. As for my corneas I don’t care who gets ’em, but all other organs and parts are for you. […]

iron man

Contrary to my Doctor’s advice, I sat in the direct sunlight to draw this a few weeks ago. I think they call that suffering for your art. It’s the sculpture by Anthony Gormley in Birmingham’s Victoria Square. I mentioned it a while back. Whilst I was sketching this I started to think about some of […]

Vonnegut and Dostoevsky

If the Hitch Hiker’s Guide taught me how to read, then Slaughterhouse 5 taught me what to read. In it one of the characters says, Everything you need to know about life can be found in The Brothers Karamazov; I tried it, he was right. Vonnegut’s interest in Dostoevsky still shows itself in a recent […]