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life and soul

A while ago I had the pleasure of suggesting a good book to Peter over at tesugen.com. He has repaid the favour twice over by encouraging me to read What Is Architecture? by Paul Shepheard. I read it during the Christmas holidays, being sure to carry a pencil with me at all times so that […]

a task worth trying

Last week, an interesting exchange about Regent Street in London, between John Massengale’s Veritas et Venustas and Peter Lindberg’s Tesugen.com, prompted me to reach for my bookshelf and open my copy of ‘How to Look at Buildings’. Written by the wonderfully named Darcy Bradell, it was originally printed in 1932. The copy I have is […]

answer machine

So a client phones the office this morning and asks for some advice about how best to fill in a three foot hole under his flat. We adminster advice. The phone goes down and we realise that he said he lived in the first floor flat. Odd. Perhaps the three foot hole beneath him is […]


A quick trip to my error log has highlighted some bad links and a few people who are probably cursing me. I’ve fixed the two offending items. Firstly, for those of you who were curious enough to click on the ‘…exactly what I do on a daily basis…’ link in the design codes entry, you […]

Goth architect

Just a quick note to point out that there is further discussion of the design codes and the implications of Prince Charles’ carbuncle speech in this weeks copy of Building Design (subscription required). There’s a history of the Prince’s Foundation’s influence and it includes a comment about how West 8’s project in Borneo and Sporenburg […]