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Architecture re-housed: Part 1

A break from the standard blogging currency of comment, criticism, conjecture and pointing elsewhere … here’s a series of entries about one of my own projects and how it’s been confirming my growing concern about my generation’s appreciation (or rather, lack thereof) of the history of housing design: Part 1: to a degree In November […]

now that says chair

Marcus Fairs reviews the Marc Newson exhibition at the Design Museum in this month’s Icon magazine: “Few designers change the visual language of everyday life – Marc Newson is one,” blathers the first of the wall texts in this mid-career retrospective. “He has transformed the design of the objects and spaces around us through his […]

movements of all the interconnected points in the system

Notes on TimeAndTheHunter/BloodSea (page 39) The narrator casts his mind back, far from the car journey he is currently taking part in, to the primordial beginnings of his cellular existence, swimming, or being swum, through the medium that contains all life, whose movements effect the movements of all the interconnected points in the system, only […]