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dough, water, paper and what links them together

For no better reason than wanting to keep up with the neighbours, I’m writing this evening from the kitchen worktop whilst waiting for some dough to rise, risking the ingress of flour with every key tap. It’s not quite the same as Stuart’s recent entry from the bath, but the acknowledgement of my actions lends […]

Hunter’s Moon

It’s 3am. I was warned that there would be cloud but I chose to get out of bed and see for myself since tonight would be the last total lunar eclipse for two and a half years. I imagine that even the bubbly Mr Jack Horkheimer (Real Player link) is a little less jovial this […]

movements of all the interconnected points in the system

Notes on TimeAndTheHunter/BloodSea (page 39) The narrator casts his mind back, far from the car journey he is currently taking part in, to the primordial beginnings of his cellular existence, swimming, or being swum, through the medium that contains all life, whose movements effect the movements of all the interconnected points in the system, only […]

tidy up

A little housekeeping before I go away for the weekend. It’s been quite rightly pointed out to me that I’m guilty of something I swore I’d never do: neglecting the humble 56k modem. Apologies to any readers who’ve been cursing at the number of graphics on the page of late and the time it takes […]