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Creative Class 2005/6 results Kate Pemberton from endfile.com is one of the 20 winners! Congratulations Kate. Meditation skills of Buddhist monks yield clues to brain’s regulation of attention ‘…researchers have uncovered clues to how mental states–and their underlying neural mechanisms–can impact conscious visual experience…’ (via Matt Webb) Damon Albarn slams Live 8 – NME.COM “I […]

Architecture Week around Birmingham

Dan has already covered London, so I’d better have a go at Birmingham and the West Midlands. Here’s a few items from the Architecture Week itinerary that I think will be worth a visit. The sections in italics are extra notes I’ve added about some of the events. In Conversation with David Adjaye and Hew […]

the last apple

I had a delightful weekend enjoying the autumn at my parents house. The horse chesnut tree had dropped all it’s conkers but I climbed it anyway, swinging from the branches as the harvest went on below me. A single apple remained on the apple tree so we claimed it before it fell to the ground […]