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reading list

I’ve managed to snaffle a copy of the reading list from the MA Urban Design course at UCE. I offer it here as inspiration to anyone looking for new stuff to put on their Amazon wish list: PDF link: MA_UrbanDesign_ReadingList_2005.pdf It seems that post-modernity is the theme du jour. I can help out with a […]

life and soul

A while ago I had the pleasure of suggesting a good book to Peter over at tesugen.com. He has repaid the favour twice over by encouraging me to read What Is Architecture? by Paul Shepheard. I read it during the Christmas holidays, being sure to carry a pencil with me at all times so that […]

mixing and scratching

I was reluctant to upload this entry; partly because it uses a quote from What Is Architecture? which will also be included in a future write up I’m working on, but also because I’m in danger of looking like I’m on the payroll at Icon magazine, since this is the third item I’ve lifted from […]