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going for <strike>gold</strike> silver

The aforemontioned Mr Alan Morrissey has been shortlisted for this year’s RIBA Silver Medal Awards. Fill your boots here: The President’s Medals Students Awards Joins Shuttleworth one week, makes the cut for the Silver Medal the next – the boy done good. Almost too good, I’m getting uncharacteristically jealous. Related entry: 2004 results

Book Baton

I’ve been passed a blogging baton. It used to be about music, then Matt Webb decided to let it evolve into a discussion about books. He passed it to Peter Lindberg and now it has come to rest in my ever expanding list of things to do. I’m not usually a big fan of inter-blog […]

Ole Scheeren

Part One of a ? part series: The Ole Scheeren lecture Thanks to my colleague Al, I’ve been able to get a copy of the final conclusion to one of the dissertations I mentioned a few weeks ago. Here’s a couple of sections taken from the author’s final summing up. Firstly, on the topic of […]