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Reminisce – architecture and design

A few final entries about where we’ve been, before we work out where we’re going. Here’s a summary of some of the entries perhaps worth a revisit from the old URL, loosely gathered into a few different categories. First up… Architecture and Design Architectural Advent 24 days of gifts Manplan 3 Volume 3 of seminal […]

filling the void

Extensive quotes in this baby. Some new, some old; go put the kettle on first. Emphasis in bold by me… Geert Lovink on Blogging and Nihilism: Instead of merely looking into the emancipatory potential of blogs, or emphasize its counter-cultural folklore, I see blogs as part of a unfolding process of ‘massification’ of this, still, […]

listen again

You have until next Monday to hear Andrew Marr talk to Anish Kapoor and Deyan Sudjic discussing shape on Radio 4’s Start the Week Here’s a taster: Kapoor: To make new art one needs to make new space…a little history of the way I understand this…Medieval space, if one goes back that far, was flat; […]

reciprocal data

Bugger me. Somebody built my Info Pimp Force Diagram.

Edmund de Waal interview (part II)

More notes from the Radio 3 interview… On the relationship between the value of the material and the value of the product: JT: You’ve said something about porcelain, but the fundamental material is clay, isn’t it? You’ve said that one of the fascinating things about clay is that people don’t know how to treat it […]

movements of all the interconnected points in the system

Notes on TimeAndTheHunter/BloodSea (page 39) The narrator casts his mind back, far from the car journey he is currently taking part in, to the primordial beginnings of his cellular existence, swimming, or being swum, through the medium that contains all life, whose movements effect the movements of all the interconnected points in the system, only […]

dynamic equilibrium

Two coffees after dessert at a restaurant and I’m lying in bed unable to sleep. I haven’t actually closed my eyes; I’m just staring at the back of my eyelids trying to recognise the shifting patterns of colour delivered by my rods and cones. An idea that I’ve been neglecting for a while pushes its […]