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quality of the silence

Radio 3 interviews are ripe for the picking of architectural metaphors. In the time honoured blogging tradition of curating x and pointing out that it’s a bit like y, here’s a quote from Booker Prize winning author Anne Enright that got me thinking about spatial comparisons and architectural narratives (my emphasis). A short story is […]

the kids are alright

In respectful silence we shuffle around the room. Lips tightly sealed, chins being stroked pensively; nobody daring to appear unaware of the importance of the artefacts on the walls and floor. We’re monks in a monastery of modernism. Spectacles, testicles, wallet, watch. Chattering as she goes, my three year old daughter rattles across the floor […]

follow the light

A few weeks ago I was taken to task by my friend Matthew over my enthusiasm for Walsall Art Gallery. I mounted a defence and then we agreed to let the building have the final say and pay it a visit together. I don’t expect to have to say anything further. By way of preperation, […]