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Ecobuild data farming

Notes from last week’s Ecobuild conference Some advice: If you’re due to speak at a seminar about the environment any time soon, please, stop to think about what your audience is likely to know already. Ditch the stuff about how we’re all doomed and you’ve got the pie chart to prove it. We know. It’s […]

Reminisce – people and books

Some more entries chosen from the archives. Influential ideas from people and pages… People Enthusiasm for tomorrow (RIP Tony Goodall) Memorial speech for my friend and mentor Concrete Ideas (Denys Lasdun) Chairs and the architects that sat in them Letters on meditation (Matt Webb) Learning how to let go Wayne Jacobs (Wayne Hemingway) Letter to […]


From today’s last week’s BD magazine: Housing Corporation chief executive Jon Rouse, who controls a £3.6 billion development budget over the next two years, outlined seven reasons for a return to suburbia and said anyone who believes the country’s housing crisis can be met through the expansion of urban centres is “frankly kidding themselves”. He […]