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Reminisce – people and books

Some more entries chosen from the archives. Influential ideas from people and pages… People Enthusiasm for tomorrow (RIP Tony Goodall) Memorial speech for my friend and mentor Concrete Ideas (Denys Lasdun) Chairs and the architects that sat in them Letters on meditation (Matt Webb) Learning how to let go Wayne Jacobs (Wayne Hemingway) Letter to […]

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art orbit – koolhaas ‘…Hans Ulrich Obrist managed to catch Koolhaas at Hotel St. James in Bordeaux, for a conversation revolving around Berlin and the Wall…’ a band called ‘Architecture in Helsinki’ Interesting name, crap music Green DIY articles ‘…selected articles from past ReNew and Soft Technology magazine…’ (via MAKE) NPR : A Conversation with […]

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City Grids and the Imageability of Software Architectures [Tesugen] number 3 on the google search for ‘imageability’ – I’m so jealous Windsor McCay online more on the author of Little Nemo (via Drawn! – again!) Steve Keene ‘…Steve paints in multiples, producing walls full of work every day. For him, every painting is part of […]

radio recycle

Never let it be said that no, too self is unsustainable. I recycled the Little Nemo post and squeezed another entry out of it this week, and now I’ve reached back into the archives a little further and dusted off one those architectural anecdotes that I keep harping on about. Radio Bonfi, a project running […]