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Reminisce – people and books

Some more entries chosen from the archives. Influential ideas from people and pages… People Enthusiasm for tomorrow (RIP Tony Goodall) Memorial speech for my friend and mentor Concrete Ideas (Denys Lasdun) Chairs and the architects that sat in them Letters on meditation (Matt Webb) Learning how to let go Wayne Jacobs (Wayne Hemingway) Letter to […]

Buddhists 2.0

Last night I dreamt I was abducted by gang of Buddhists. They found me via Google. I was taken to a shanty town of poorly built concrete block houses containing roughly hewn wooden tables and meditation spaces themed like the Crystal Maze. At the end of the tables were flat screen monitors built into the […]

today’s links

Richard Sennett Capitalism and the City (via varnelis) How to Get Smarter, One Breath at a Time ‘…Scientists find that meditation not only reduces stress but also reshapes the brain…’ (link to previous entry on meditation) (taken from my linklog, broadcast using deloxom)