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Reminisce – architecture and design

A few final entries about where we’ve been, before we work out where we’re going. Here’s a summary of some of the entries perhaps worth a revisit from the old URL, loosely gathered into a few different categories. First up… Architecture and Design Architectural Advent 24 days of gifts Manplan 3 Volume 3 of seminal […]

fog index

John Massengale has been getting understandably upset about the work of the Kolatan / MacDonald studio. And so he should, it’s a fine example of how we architects love to make hard work out of something as simple as putting a few sentences together. Look: We have two primary interests in the chimerical. One has […]

musical chairs

Everything’s connected at some level. I’ve uploaded the sketch of the Orgone chair, as promised in a previous entry, and added some notes on the page. It’s a somewhat hurried affair, I think I must have sketched it whilst walking away from the Marc Newson stand at the show. As you can see, I […]