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Architecture re-housed: Part 1

A break from the standard blogging currency of comment, criticism, conjecture and pointing elsewhere … here’s a series of entries about one of my own projects and how it’s been confirming my growing concern about my generation’s appreciation (or rather, lack thereof) of the history of housing design: Part 1: to a degree In November […]

Reminisce – sketches and photos

Two favourites from the sketches category – one about recording an image, the other about recording the action. Sketches Meat Pei Quick one off the wrist And a few choices from the photography section, which I realise now speak volumes about my attitude towards good photography – it has nothing to do with the quality […]

loosen up

I spent most of today encouraging a colleague to loosen up, pick up a pencil and push aside the CAD software for a while. After lunch I finally succeeded. The next challange was to get her to loosen up her drawing technique and enagage with the action of drawing before worrying about the final result. […]

ArchiCAD student license

Disclaimer: Whilst the following post may result in a return favour for me from Graphisoft (see update), I’m more than happy to pass on the news that ArchiCAD is now available for free to students. Back in the days of my undergraduate education I bought a student license of version 5 (which cost about £150 […]

sketchmore and more

More on sketching vs. CAD – Edwin Heathcote in the FT (via ArchNewsNow). Computers may be efficient at processing complex data, but they are far from efficient in the creative process. Sketching is not only practical but essential. It is the quickest, most accessible way to find out if a space, a vista, a progression […]