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ruralZED comments

My lazily blogged image of Bill Dunster’s ruralZED from the floor at Ecobuild has produced some useful comments from one of his colleagues, bringing news about crucial elements of the design that deliver the thermal mass and also mention of upcoming timelapse photos of the 3 day construction… hogthrobb says: Hi Eversion, thanks for posting […]

2D Man

Friday’s tutorials with my post-graduate students from BSA introduced me to a new, influential figure in contemporary architecture. I met him some time ago, but until now hadn’t considered his importance. Say hello to 2D_Man_Backpack: He’s one of the default figures in the industry changing software, Google Sketchup. I’ve used him myself in models before, […]

Reminisce – sketches and photos

Two favourites from the sketches category – one about recording an image, the other about recording the action. Sketches Meat Pei Quick one off the wrist And a few choices from the photography section, which I realise now speak volumes about my attitude towards good photography – it has nothing to do with the quality […]

vision on

Thursday hyperlinked: Listened to podcast called Photography 2.0 – disappointingly but predictably flickr-centric – would have appreciated some recognition of the work that’s been done over the years by (even back in the day when flickr was still spelt with an e) to further the discussion about citizen journalism – especially as I […]

the kids are alright

In respectful silence we shuffle around the room. Lips tightly sealed, chins being stroked pensively; nobody daring to appear unaware of the importance of the artefacts on the walls and floor. We’re monks in a monastery of modernism. Spectacles, testicles, wallet, watch. Chattering as she goes, my three year old daughter rattles across the floor […]

concrete evidence

Memories pour from 43 year old chairs like sweat from a glass blower’s arse. Used wisely they are tools for dislodging anecdotal diamonds from the deepest mines of architectural history. Returning from the book shop at lunch, clutching my RIBA bag containing William Curtis’ book on Denys Lasdun, an unattractive degree of smugness causes me […]

thrown away

Damn it. I missed an opportunity to enter a photography competition in BD magazine. The winners have just been published. Developing nicely – 27 January 2006 What you see … is the fruit of the ninth BD/Zumtobel photo competition which gives Building Design readers the chance to show off their photo skills with nothing more […]

le urban design

More on Gordon Cullen’s Townscape: My 4 year old son has three modes of operation: drawing, climbing and watching TV. That’s it. There are no others. The first two are easily explained by the science of genetics, the third less so, but I write that having spent the last 4 hours mesmerised by my PC […]


Those of you who are avid listeners to Radio Stoke (hundreds of you, I’m sure) will have already heard me talk about a photography competition I’ve been running with some school kids in Stoke-on-Trent. Last week we presented the prizes and the radio station sent a reporter along. I had my computer set to record […]