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Reminisce – recipes, podcast and the undefinable

A final collection of archive links before accepting the need to get on with 2007 and write something new. The podcast (which so far contains only two episodes): Episode 2 – ArchWeekWalk Annotated walk to my office Episode 1 – Jencks and Erskine Erskine puts the world (and critics) to rights And other topics…This is […]

knowing when to be

Changing a tyre in the pouring rain is not a good way to start the day. Buying yourself a new book, swiftly followed by good coffee and cheescake is the only way to improve your mood. In fact I can’t think of a better way to improve your mood in any given situation than the […]


There was another point to the creme brulee entry, other than simply the celebration of great dessert. It got cut short by workload this morning. The point was also to thank Al for shedding blood, sweat and probably tears to complete an entry for Europan 8 and then, for reasons I won’t go into here, […]

spoon the mix into the ring

Libby has asked me to type it up, so here’s a wonderfully simple cheescake recipe, passed to me by my father-in-law (who found it online somewhere), that’s been impressing everyone I’ve made it for so far. The original used two lemons and more Mascarpone cheese but it works better by switching one lemon with an […]

3 years on

Praise for the wardens ready to find, Anyone caught saying graphic design. Time for the annual return to one of my very first posts. To my surprise, it turns out I’ve been doing this for three years now. Don’t forget (as I have this year) the maple syrup. Going for bonus points: Look what came […]

fog index

John Massengale has been getting understandably upset about the work of the Kolatan / MacDonald studio. And so he should, it’s a fine example of how we architects love to make hard work out of something as simple as putting a few sentences together. Look: We have two primary interests in the chimerical. One has […]


Despite responding with this: Curse you Mottram! It’ll give me something to do on the tram at least. I shall take a leaf out of Anne’s book and show the latest meme some love. Why get grumpy when somebody takes the time to reach out and say hello? Four jobs I’ve had: Dish washer in […]

Back in the RSS

Hello. I’m back in the saddle after a little time away from work and information technology. The office is a little quieter than usual at the moment; partly due to a touch of autumnal melancholy, partly due to the fact that we’re a man down. My colleague, friend and axe mentor, Alan Morrissey, has jumped […]

blows own trumpet

<smug> Ahem. I won. First prize in the recent competition at for the Hard Copy competition has been shared between myself and Helen. Oh, and my old entry on (which you’ve also read here) was up on the front page this weekend. </smug> Help me celebrate over some pancakes and maple syrup this […]