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Reminisce – recipes, podcast and the undefinable

A final collection of archive links before accepting the need to get on with 2007 and write something new. The podcast (which so far contains only two episodes): Episode 2 – ArchWeekWalk Annotated walk to my office Episode 1 – Jencks and Erskine Erskine puts the world (and critics) to rights And other topics…This is […]


Despite responding with this: Curse you Mottram! It’ll give me something to do on the tram at least. I shall take a leaf out of Anne’s book and show the latest meme some love. Why get grumpy when somebody takes the time to reach out and say hello? Four jobs I’ve had: Dish washer in […]

Back in the RSS

Hello. I’m back in the saddle after a little time away from work and information technology. The office is a little quieter than usual at the moment; partly due to a touch of autumnal melancholy, partly due to the fact that we’re a man down. My colleague, friend and axe mentor, Alan Morrissey, has jumped […]