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Reminisce – architecture and design

A few final entries about where we’ve been, before we work out where we’re going. Here’s a summary of some of the entries perhaps worth a revisit from the old URL, loosely gathered into a few different categories. First up… Architecture and Design Architectural Advent 24 days of gifts Manplan 3 Volume 3 of seminal […]

Making Urban Places

Once again I am but the outlet for the work of others. Here’s another installation in the series of lecture notes belonging to my colleagues at the office (we’re architects in birmingham, in case you hadn’t already heard*). I can announce today that I may have finally persuaded aforementioned colleague to officially release further work […]

RIP Jane Jacobs

Toronto’s Mayor, David Miller: Jane was a champion of diversity, a diversity of buildings, residence, businesses and other nonresidential uses and different people of different ages in an area at different times of every day. She gave us eyes on the street. Her philosophy was a neighbourhood’s safe, active, vibrant and economically successful when there […]

le urban design

More on Gordon Cullen’s Townscape: My 4 year old son has three modes of operation: drawing, climbing and watching TV. That’s it. There are no others. The first two are easily explained by the science of genetics, the third less so, but I write that having spent the last 4 hours mesmerised by my PC […]

dear santa

More letters and a suggestion for your (my) Christmas wish list. It was my boss’s birthday last week. Here at the office we usually end up spending a considerable amount of time trying to decide what gift to get when birthdays come around. This time the solution came to me in a flash and I […]

Book Baton

I’ve been passed a blogging baton. It used to be about music, then Matt Webb decided to let it evolve into a discussion about books. He passed it to Peter Lindberg and now it has come to rest in my ever expanding list of things to do. I’m not usually a big fan of inter-blog […]

cullenesque part 2

juxtaposition “…the direct relationship between two categories, village and countryside. The unequivocal character of both is brought sharply together, there is no fluffing.” (see also: part 1)