Bournville, Birmingham

article submitted to Each of the houses in Bournville were planted with six fruit trees. George Cadbury would visit personally every once in a while, to ensure that the gardens of his properties were being properly tended for. This was no vision of sustainability, his primary goal was to ensure that his staff were …

Flash Mob

As promised on August 7, 2003, the following write up is the result of my participation in the flash mob that took place in Birmingham (UK) later that month. Upon arriving at the location specified in the first set of instructions, we were handed a piece of paper. On it were the following directions: Let’s …

Building Acoustics

John Cale on Radio 4 this morning, talking about the sound of John Taverner; …I realised that I wasn’t just listening to the music; I was listening to the sound of the building… Beautiful. The piece he chose was ‘Song for Athene’.


Lifted this recipe from everything2 on Tuesday. Visit the site and do a search for pancakes to see the rest of the write up; it puts forward a pretty convincing case for the delight of making things for yourself. Put down that packet mix and get out the mixing bowl. 3 Tsp butter, melted 1 …

Foot Where?

At the climbing wall this evening. Chalk from my fingers infiltrating my PDA, each letter taking three attempts to write – my tendons sluggish from the lactic acid pouring into my forearms. A single missing trainer/sneaker/pump/dap1 meant I had to retreat to the resin rockface instead of my usual Thursday night trip to the Fencing …

Going green

Today’s the day I start shopping here, instead of here. Wish me luck.


I’ve got you in the palm of my hand. I resurrected my old Handspring Visor today to use for this journal. Speeding between stations (when the doors aren’t jammed), I scrawl the strange symbols that represent letters.

Seen from the window of the tram this morning – must investigate further.