This morning, a hard won Google discovery finally delivered the information I needed about a landscaping project called Yoga Promenade by Team Zoo architects from Japan.
The images confirmed what we expected and will be useful inspiration for a project we’re currently working on that will include some sustainable drainage proposals. However, the pleasure of exercising my Google muscles, was as nothing compared to the results of the Babel translation.

Business celebration promenade

The road which is done exciting

From the business celebration station the road which faces to the fine arts museum.
It sets up on the middle of the road, the wound fullest capacity!
That? Cripes? The coming – it is lovely! !
with feeling, as for me large excitation (laughing).
In any case pleasant
The it does the love of design side and the does and with feels,
In addition looking at that, you feel that it is dear.
To every nook and cranny the space which is loved.
If originally “it calculates and is exhausted”
How, word is used, it is probably will be however,
I would like to say being able to meet, like this, is.

In the people who design this,
It increased with interest beforehand.
For the design the feeling,
It is enormous and “me likes and” being to be, it does.
Making those whose native consciousness is strong mainly the,
“Consciousness of senses is made to awaken” the person.
Me, senses very important ones
As, having caught,
Keeps making the feeling important,
Thinking that it is the human original living, the.
In the space of this one concerning really,
By mistake there is no my feeling and -!
The being able to think, the delightful.

When above this it makes small, the with special care honey the space to understand, it becomes harsh because,
This picture and the picture under tried enlarging.

There being a waterway, there being a bridge, in the road tile hundred one neck.
“You are disgusted to the various bench of gargoyle design and the like, bet? “Bench of shape.
Design of raccoon dog. Respectively there is a unique name, however it seems, as for here we would like to designate selfishly!

Business celebration promenade
“Elephant design group + planned technical laboratory”
Completion: 1986 April

It seems that Elephant Design Group is the fantastic translation of Team Zoo/Atelier Zo. You can see the original here.