Lines from the tram

I’m about to step on the tram that I catch to and from work for the last time; tonight I collect my new car. I’d rather ride on public transport – it’s one of the few times in the day that I get chance to read – but I need to have a car for …


Undergraduate architecture students take note: you need to have at least this much imagination or you’ll never make the grade.

bullet proof communities

Wanted: undercover special ops. team to travel through time and prevent the publication of a recent paper by the European Committee for Standardisation – Prevention of Crime – Urban Planning and Design. If these fools are allowed to have their say and their proposal for the construction of more gated communities leaves an impression on …

Pass the (s)ketchup

It’s a few years since I last visited the Interbuild exhibition. So long, in fact, that the last time I went the atmosphere was sufficiently un-PC to allow for a collection of under dressed women to be seen demonstrating the baths and jacuzzis. No such luck this year. The actual work related content was pretty …

green tea head

A few months ago I quit drinking alcohol and left caffeine behind. Don’t worry, I’m not about to mount a terribly high horse, unveil a soap box or give a sermon – I did it because I had to for health reasons. Drink what you like, I couldn’t care less. However, it’s difficult to resist …


ahem…of course if you use each image twice for am and pm, you’d only need half as many photos – but where’s the fun in that?

a machine for producing gods

I was out with Matt on Saturday night; he’s a friend from the Wolves LUG. We talked, amongst other things, about the now infamous Daniel Libeskind. Over the weekend I’ve been trying to source some of his early texts, to supplement our conversation about the complexities of architectural thinking. A quick Googling has let me …


There’s a link to a article buried in the Paul Cocksedge comments above, I’ve just taken the time to check the front of the site and it looks interesting. Worth a look.

hands that do fountains

Last week’s copy of The Architect’s Journal, carried an article about the winning entry for the redesign of Nottingham’s Old Market Square. The winning design is by Gustafson Porter. I like the proposal, it should open up the square much better, as it is currently dominated by grand fountains that break up the space too …

been there done that

As I was regaling my boss about Paul Cocksedge the next day, he gave a mischevious smile and I suddenly remembered that he’d been there and done that with the disposable cup lampshade idea back in the 70’s when he was a student. It’s shame he didn’t market it back then.