Yesterday morning I got an e-mail from Joel at to tell me that he’d posted a new entry to his journal. This is great news. It’s one of the few sites I actually read, rather than scan as you spin the wheel on your mouse. You should all pay him a visit.

Four hours, or so, later (yes, I get up at 5am) I was walking across town for a 9am appointment with the doctor, thinking about the contents of his journal entry as I walked. It wasn’t until I was passing Bantock Park that I realised the odd confluence of events that was taking place. My trip to the doctor’s was brought about by the changing appearance of a mole on my back, which my wife thought I should have examined by a dermatologist. As you’ll see when you visit his site, Joel’s latest entry is about a trip to the doctor to have a mole on his hand examined.

It’s not so much that the commonality is odd, rather that it took me about half a mile to spot it. Perhaps I saw a squirrel in my peripheral vision as I walked past the park. Nuts.

I’ve been reffered on to have it examined properly. I’ll probably need a biopsy as it’s looking a little suspicious. Nuts.

Other news is that I’ve finally started to make use of moblogUK – here’s a link to my page:

Al has also sent me a link to an interesting blog that I’m looking forward to reading more of –