I’m about to step on the tram that I catch to and from work for the last time; tonight I collect my new car. I’d rather ride on public transport – it’s one of the few times in the day that I get chance to read – but I need to have a car for work, so it’s back to the traffic jams for me.

Despite being hampered by endless technical problems* (vandalised ticket machines, power cuts, doors that won’t shut) and numerous social issues (people refusing to pay, violence towards the conductors who were employed to replace the vandalised ticket machines and BMW drivers who meet a grisly end after shooting the lights in front of a moving tram), it’s been a good service that has served me well. I suppose that a certain amount of technical problems were inevitable, since I hear that the firm who built the line and supplied the trams, returned to their home country upon completion leaving only a few sheets of instructions; all of which were in Italian.

The images posted here (along with others posted in my gallery) were taken during various trips over the last year. Some of which were used to make the graphic at the top of the site.

* just as I was writing the words ‘technical problems’ the driver announced that there is a power cut that meant the tram will only be going as far as St. Pauls. Luckily, that’s my stop.