There are probably about a million places on the web that you might find a recipe for the following drink. However, I feel no shame in making it one million and one, as this entry is repeated verbatim from the instructions given to me by work colleagues on my birthday last year (along with a bottle of Cachaca and some limes). I don’t want to lose it and I want to be able to find it easily, so here it shall rest.

Caipirinha – a brazillian kick ass cocktail

What you need: Cachaca, crushed ice, caster sugar and a plastic mixing jug with a lid (if you are making for more than one person).

  1. Crush loads of ice and put in freezer along with Cachaca bottle.
  2. Wet and chill glasses in freezer with a sugared rim ready for later.
  3. Wash, quarter and juice your limes, 1-2 or more per drink. Don’t be fussy about this, try to get as much lime into the cocktail as possible and throw in the bits of skin if you like. The more zing the better. Keep some lime slices for decor in glass.
  4. Put crushed ice, a shot of Cachaca and lime juice in mixer. Add caster sugar to taste – start with a tablespoon although the Brazillians like it with about 2.5 per glass. Shake well and pour into chilled glass with more crushed ice if you want.
  5. The amount of Cachaca can be varied, start with the normal spirit measure.
  6. Sit back, sip, enjoy and think of the Rio Office*.

A slightly odd entry, since I’ve given up drinking, but I’m sure I’ll be able to find a special occasion worthy of a few cocktails and a brief lapse in my alcohol free regime.

*The Rio Office is a long held dream by myself and co-workers who find ourselves stuck in an office in the West Midlands.