More coverage of the now infamous DJ Dangermouse mash-up of the Beatles and Jay-Z, Black and White albums can be found over at Wired. I downloaded this a few weeks ago and, frankly, it’s over rated. However, the extra publicity that it’s brought to the mash-up arena is beginning to make the discovery of new work easier.

After my previous entry’s link to City of Sound I was moving through some of his comments and was delighted to find a link to the boomselection site that I was looking at a few weeks ago. I was even more delighted to find that he’d done some of the hard work for me and pulled out a link from the archives to an astounding track called Raiding the 20th Century. It’s thirty nine minutes of musical genius that’s also full of fascinating spoken word pieces and more than a few cheeky tips o’ the hat to the forefathers.

Which, in turn, reminded me to revisit the Coldcut led venture Live streaming feeds most nights of the week, a chat room and occasionally live video feeds to boot. My favourite though, is the theater section. Mercifully, they’ve finally finished running through the entire Tolkien series and have moved on to a Twilight Zone play. Go back up the list and revisit the Orson Welles broadcast of War of the Worlds*, and then go home and ask your TV why it can’t deliver anything so exciting or enagaging.

Also worth a look: London Booted, a collaborative project to rework the Clash’s seminal album. Donations to charity invited before downloading.

*In a wonderfully circular fashion, I’ve just realised that sections of the Orson Welles play make a few appearances in the Raiding of the 20th Century track.