Oh dear. It’s not been too rosy for Mr Gehry lately. So far we’ve had snow falling on students head’s, clients employing other architects to fix bits they don’t like and a hockey trophy which … when Gehry pulled the covering off the trophy, it was like someone had tugged the burlap bag off the Elephant Man…. Finally, let us not forget the heat that bounces off the Disney Concert Hall’s stainless steel surface and cooks the residents across the street.

As a student I was inspired and intrigued by Gehry’s work. I fondly remember the time my friend and I discovered a slide and tape presentation of some of his early work. Having dashed to the empty lecture theatre to watch it we were captivated by the images as the carousel clicked by; Gehry’s slow, laconic voice on the tape carefully describing the details as if he was specifically addressing us. Intellectually enagaging and technically fascinating, it had a big effect.

Some years later I realised that the tape had been running slowly. In real life he sounded somewhat less deliberate and rigorous. It was a huge disappointment. I feel the same know.

(tip o’ the titanium hat to Veritas et Venustas and That Brutal Joint.)