It’s been a busy week. There are a couple of entries waiting to be written, including one about the galleries I’ve been able to visit over the last few days. In the meantime, I’m posting an image instead of words.

Predictably, looking at the art work of others has made me think about my own work. Having revisited some of my old sketchbooks – driven by the guilty admission that it has been too long since I last picked up a pencil instead of a mouse – I’ve decided to post a few to remind myself whenever I look here, that I should look elsewhere too and record events with more than just words.

First up, the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, as seen from seat 10, Row K on the 12th February 1998. I don’t remember what was being played that evening, but since this was back in the days of Simon Rattle, I imagine it was pretty good.

Curiously, following my recent entry about Tschumi, I note that below the sketch is a comment about pages 205 and 213 in Architecture and Disjunction – I had apparently some interest in the sections on cross programming and rejection.