Lunch. Yesterday. Conspicuously, I sit in the shade on the north side of St.Phillips cathedral watching as the rest of the city basks in the sun. It makes sense to stay in the dark when you’re only a few hours away from picking up the biopsy results on a suspicious mole on your back. The attraction of a green, landscaped space in the centre of an otherwise gray, urban environment, seems to be enough to allow people to overlook that they’re eating, drinking and sunbathing on a graveyard.

Waiting for an event to come my way, I stare across the square and remember something I was once told about the design of town squares. Location and author are now forgotten, but I vaguely recall somebody telling me that, historically, the size of many squares in towns and villages have a direct relationship with eye sight. The distance across a square being best defined by the ability to recognize someone on the opposite side. If you have 20/20 vision, the square that St.Phillips cathedral sits on just about works. I don’t recognize anyone across the square, so I move on.

It turns out that the event was waiting for me in the coffee shop. Well, events, actually. I pick up a booklet advertising a festival called Fierce and find some interesting stuff.

Just a selection of stuff that interests me. There are a bunch of other projects happening in the Midlands over the coming months.

The results of the biopsy came back that afternoon. I’m in the clear. Although the consultant tells me that I have moles that are architecturally dysplastic, which seemed rather fitting. I’m back there in a few weeks to have another removed. Spending so much time with stitches in my back is doing nothing for my fencing and climbing practice.