Predictably, my comments in the AJ a few weeks ago prompted a response in this weeks edition from Thom Gorst.

Yes, the University of Central England in Birmingham is likely to be the university that Phillip Singleton left out when implying that the city had only two universities (AJ 29.04.04). We are the university that hosts the region’s only school of architecture, and I was also disappointed that Rob Annable in his follow-up letter (AJ 6.5.04) should associate us with poor recruitment.

If anyone should want to see for themselves just what has been happening in the Birmingham School of Architecture and Landscape during the past year, then please visit our show at the Arts cafe in St Martins at the Bullring (opposite ‘that’ building) from 21-24 June. The school is buzzing with a new energy, and has been greatly strengthened by a healthy relationship with our colleagues in practice.

Professor Thom Gorst, head of the Birmingham School of Architecture and Landscape

Well done Thom. A balanced response that managed to back up my original point, reprimand me for doing the school a disservice, get in a plug for the upcoming show and flatter the visiting tutors. Not bad for a couple of paragraphs.

The good news is that a couple of e-mails between us earlier this week has hopefully put us all square, and I’ve been invited to the private viewing of the show next month.