Just received in my e-mail and posted here as an addendum to a conversation I was having with a friend last night. Today is the launch of bignoisemusic.com.

Oxfam’s music download service – www.bignoisemusic.com – is now live.

Pick from over 300,000 tracks to download – including exclusive downloads
from Coldplay, George Michael and Faithless.

Besides the best music we’ve two Coldplay Gold Disks to give away &
everyone who registers today will be entered into a draw to win a digital
music player that holds over 2,000 songs!

Single tracks cost 99p – but can drop to 75p if you buy in bulk.

Most albums cost £7-99 – but drop to £5-99 the more you buy.

You can get FREE 30 second clips – so you can try before you buy!

And remember that 10p in every £1 that you spend on www.bignoisemusic.com
goes to Oxfam to support our work to end poverty.