Since a few visitors to the site have recently commented on my lack of comments, I’ve decided to add the necessary plugin to allow people to write responses and leave trackback connections. The result – writebacks – can be seen at the bottom of each entry and you can click on it to read or leave a comment.

There are two reasons I didn’t implement this from the beginning.

When I first started this log book, it was designed to be an ideas/links dump for myself; it wasn’t my intention to use it as a discussion forum. Since then, as its content, role and worth have begun to take shape, I’ve become more interested in its ability to spark debate. With this in mind it seemed a comments section would be useful.

The second reason is that there are few things as depressing as visiting a site that says ‘there are 0 writebacks’ across all the entries. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen here.

Note: for some reason it isn’t working with the linklogs that get delivered by, it may be something to do with the numeric titles. I’ll get it fixed soon, but doubt that many people will need to comment on links anyway.