Just a quick note to point out that there is further discussion of the design codes and the implications of Prince Charles’ carbuncle speech in this weeks copy of Building Design (subscription required). There’s a history of the Prince’s Foundation’s influence and it includes a comment about how West 8’s project in Borneo and Sporenburg was also designed using codes, yet resulted in a contemporary looking project. According to West 8’s site ‘…the brief called for 2500 dwelling units in low-rise, which here meant a density of 100 units per hectare…’. Trust me, that isn’t easy*. Looks like it could be worth further investigation. There’s more info at the ArchNewsNow site.

Whilst having my body pumelled during my monthly acupressure session a few moments ago (we share the costs with the boss and have it here at the office), I suddenly remembered that I once met a student from the Prince’s Foundation during a seminar at the RIBA about 8 or 9 years ago. The only thing I remember about him was that he had an ambition to one day build a Gothic airport terminal. We laughed, but maybe a few flying butresses would have stopped the disaster at Charles de Gaulle.

*of course, any muppet can build at that sort of density, but doing it successfully is quite another matter