Alfie’s recent guest blog over at has reminded me that I should do my bit to promote the fantastic MoblogUK – a resource for blogging your mobile phone camera shots.

I registered yonks ago when it was first getting off the ground, but as usual it languished in my bookmarks for far too long. Over the last couple of months I’ve been submitting some pictures and getting involved; it’s brilliant, I wish I’d made the effort before.

Once you’ve set up a free account, you’re given an e-mail address that you use to submit your pictures. The subject field of your e-mail becomes the title of the picture and you can add other notes using the body of the e-mail. That’s it. You’re moblogging.

My page is here and you can get a random collage of some of my photos here.

There are a few basic settings that you can adjust on your page and the appearance can be adjusted by choosing which CSS to use. If you donate a small amount each month you get extra options. I donate £2.50 a month and, amongst other things, it allows me to do this:

This picture is the latest image I’ve posted, it’ll update each time I send a new photo. All you do is post the HTML you’re given onto your site. I’m planning to redesign this site soon and I think I’ll give my latest image a starring role.

There’s also a comments system and voting for each image. You can even get updates via RSS.

My enthusiasm for photography is re-ignited. The whole world becomes an infinite number of possible compositions stretching out in front of me. It nurtures your perception when you’re encouraged to have a camera to hand 24 hours a day.

Here’s a few pages worth visiting: Alfie and Mat (the sites creators), pieceoplastic (who recently donated an image to the LUG wiki), tripwire (who does a nice line in chairs), stopped clocks (a shared page that anyone can send an image to) and Poser (who’s been causing a fuss lately by doing exactly what her title suggests).