It’s always good for the ego when a blog you’ve been enjoying for a while takes the time to wave back at you from their side of the information superhighway*. Hello to anyone who got here via the always informative

I’ve posted an entry about the name of this blog before, but reading the entry at things has highlighted a new way of writing it. It started life as Note to Self, since it’s goal was to make a record of ideas that might come in handy later on. Then, feeling uncomfortable about whether or not the world needed another blog, I changed it to No, too self in recognition of the fact that every blog is, at least in part, a navel gazing vanity project. Then for some reason, as I was typing the title section of the HTML, I decided to write No, 2 self. Perhaps I was just too lazy to write too. Now, thanks to, I’ve just realised that No.2 Self is equally fitting; welcome to my second self, my alter ego, my number 2.

Just when I thought the word play was perhaps a little infantile and overly ambiguous, it’s now beginning to seem suitably robust.

I leave it up to you to decide whether this blog is waving or sticking two fingers up.

* I decided to blow the dust off that phrase just for old times sake