Er, if that was Sean makes, then this is Sean says.

By the way, this web site of yours…..have you managed to hardwire your cranium to your pc and thus all of your thoughts and activities are automatically monitored and displayed? Otherwise it seems to me that either you must spend at least as much time writing and logging your activities and thoughts as you actually spend undertaking the said activiteis and thoughts, in which case what happens to all the thoughts you had whilst you where logging all of the previous ones, and there seemed to be no section telling us about your time spent typing up the notes – oh it could all get horribly confusing! Either that or you are undertaking a daring and subversive project to undermine imposing and invasive nature of our increasingly monitored lives; the massive and dramatic spread of surveilance and monitoring technology in our cities and towns is built on the premise that we all have information, activities and thoughts that we wish to remain private, but your web page is clever – by proactively displaying and publishing your thoughts and activites, you undermine the theory of privacy, thus convincing the reader/ monitor/ surveillor that they have intimate access to the minutiae of your life, and this is the bit that I like, once you have convinced said observer of this fact you are then at liberty to alter your entries to cover and hide the very activities that you deem to be private – Genius, absolute fucking genius! Rob I admire your devious and underhanded thinking!

Well done. A lesson to us all, especially if our friend Dave Blunket gets his way with his little id card proposal.

I’ve been rumbled.