Never let it be said that my entries don’t give good value for money. I’m pleased to see that the ‘BBC can’t play mp3s discussion’ is continuing over at

I should confess that the conversation is moving out of my field of knowledge, as I know nothing about audio compression and CDs. The CDR I sent was burnt using a popular piece of software with an option to create CDs that can be played in a normal CD player. Is this what Mike Todd calls a linear version? If so, then his explanation is correct. I’m pretty sure that John used the CD I sent him, since it was confirmed as received by his team, and when he introduced the track he cited me as the source – when you listen you can hear that I managed to confuse him with a comment about how to pronounce my name. I should have had more faith, John Peel has probably introduced more oddly named bands/people than I’ve had hot dinners.