Having learnt that I’ve turned back to the Today programme, Kerrang radio has sent out operatives to ensure that I’m duly reprimanded. This morning I had to endure the sight of two underdressed women waiting for me at some traffic lights. It was awful. Really, it was. In the background I spied the reporter of …

I told you so

It seems the above comments from back in April were somewhat prophetic. The press has been having endless fun lambasting Gustafson Porter for their Diana Memorial and it’s health and safety problems – see Dan Hill’s entry for details. I imagine they’ve had a few phone calls from worried Nottingham councilors.


We’re getting there – try this.


Option 1.5. This one could prove tricky to deliver with the CSS, but I think I can do it. I’m still avoiding colour at the moment.


I’m getting bored of the page design. I’ve been noodling about with a cleaner layout this lunch break. Take a look and tell me what you think.

anonymous tip-off

Mild mannered reporter Matt Revell, has succeeded where the Daily Telegraph and Sky News failed. He’s recorded an interview with the organiser of the flash mob event I previously wrote about. Here’s the mp3 link.

tidy up

A little housekeeping before I go away for the weekend. It’s been quite rightly pointed out to me that I’m guilty of something I swore I’d never do: neglecting the humble 56k modem. Apologies to any readers who’ve been cursing at the number of graphics on the page of late and the time it takes …

time and the hunter

A pen is so much easier to carry than a PDA or a laptop. Whilst that remains true, you’ll have to suffer the occasional hand written entry. I’ve just started reading Time and the Hunter by Calvino. Peter has also bought himself a copy and he and I have agreed to do some inter-blog notes …

teeth on plastic

So there’s this dog. And he’s chasing a Frisbee. The former bounds across the open field making an almost incalculable number of micro-adjustments to its speed and direction. The latter glides across the open sky receiving an almost incalculable number of micro-deformations to its speed and direction. The space between them is carved and re-carved …