For one reason or another I find myself in the middle of four1 different books at once. It’s causing a bit of a log jam and I’m not really progressing any of them very well. Last night while I was noodling about with my wiki I decided that I should do something to encourage myself to get some more reading done. Posting my sketches here over the last few weeks has proved to be a useful way to encourage myself to draw more, logic says it’ll work for books too.

This is also an excuse to see if demonstrate that the Blosxom plugin I just tweaked is working.2

The book title links will take you to the corresponding page in the wiki. They’re all empty right now, but over the coming weeks I’m going to use them to post notes, snip quotes and jot down ideas. It may not be successful for all of them, but then the definition of success in this instance is also up for debate. Perhaps the capturing of only a couple of key sentences is enough.

The wiki is open and can be edited by anyone, so if you’ve read any of them and have some ideas to share, you’re more than welcome to leave some notes. In fact I positively encourage it.

1. this should say five, but to my horror I appear to have lost my 100 year old copy of The Iliad
2. it works!