Anish Kapoor:

I loathe making anything practical whatsoever. The funny thing about art is that it’s useless. It doesn’t do anything. That’s very important, ha, ha!…

…that’s your fantasy; that artists need to be dark and brooding…the artist as a romantic figure who is somewhat bohemian. Crap, crap, crap! I’m not bohemian; I’m terribly ordinary. And the other myth is that art is born out of pain. It is not. I’m sure that the best art – and maybe that’s a very Eastern thing – is born out of joy. So phooey to that!

An old quote, the source long since forgotten (I think it was a broadsheet newspaper article), posted while I continue to chew over a myriad of possible replies that I promised to Aq following a discussion on beauty on the LUG mailing list.