I’ve finally upgraded my camera phone. My Ericsson T610 is getting replaced later this week with a Nokia 6230, which should give me a much better picture quality.

To commemorate the passing of my first phone camera, I’ve compiled all the shots I’ve submitted to MoblogUK over the last few months (a site I’ve blogged about previously). Having a camera with me every day has been an interesting experience and I’m quite proud of the results. I’ve noodled about with photography quite a bit over the years, cutting my teeth on a Canon AE-1 whilst I was studying. These days my photography is almost all digital.

Two main points about mobile phone photography strike me as important; firstly, the well documented and discussed issues around being encouraged to look more closely at what’s around you, and secondly, the fact that convergence with another inconspicuous everyday object* (the mobile phone) makes people much less self concious about being ‘photographers’.

Some of the results I’ve seen from the users on moblogUK have been stunning and I’ve enjoyed taking part. I suspect that a very small number of those users would have previously called themselves ‘photographers’.

* the current ownership figures of mobile phones means that they are becoming inconspicuous ojects of the everyday due to their sheer number, of course some people actually use them in a somewhat less than inconspicuous fashion