It was never my intention for this blog to become a suppository repository for comments on the new Selfridges building in Birmingham, but neither do I try to engineer any fixed direction for my content. This is, after all, merely notes to self. If confluences of events conspire against me, so be it.

When I scanned through the journals this morning at work, trying to catch up after a couple of weeks off, I found a comment from Ian Saunders of d5 architects, who I was waving to a couple of days ago.

While Selfridges is certainly an asset to Birmingham, should it not raise concerns that the most talked about building in the region is a shop?

(via the AJ 01/07/04, via the Birmingham Post 24/06/04)

I couldn’t agree more.

p.s – and yes, Bobby H, I’m flogging old projects again; get over it ;)