A little housekeeping before I go away for the weekend. It’s been quite rightly pointed out to me that I’m guilty of something I swore I’d never do: neglecting the humble 56k modem. Apologies to any readers who’ve been cursing at the number of graphics on the page of late and the time it takes to download. I couldn’t resist posting the paper bag as a GIF file so that I could use transparency around the edges – I’ve commented enough about the perils of form over function, so you’d think I’d have the good sense to follow my own advice. Anyway, I’ve adjusted it to a JPEG now so it should move a little quicker (Peter – the one you have directly linked is still in place so your post will not be broken).

Notes from the stats:

  1. I hope that the 22 people who’ve downloaded my RIBA exam paper have taken heed of the warning I posted with it.
  2. Somebody got here via a Google search for Alexis Butterfield – friend and fellow author of the Deconstruction and Tea entry. Alexis, if that’s you Ego-Googling, shame on you – drop me a line and say hello.
  3. My error log tells me that quite a few people have been frustrated by some broken links in my Pigs in Space project site – all fixed now, do your worst.

Except for the automated linklog in an hour or so, I shall be offline until Monday. See you* next week.

* metaphorically speaking of course, since this damned online existence means I never actually see anyone. Ask Joel if you don’t believe me, he’ll back me up.