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leather shorts make it difficult to run

About a week ago I was driving in to work when I passed a pick up truck belonging to the new Kerrang radio station. I decided to ditch the Today programme and tune in. They were about to do an outside broadcast that involved reading out the number in a phone box and the first […]

latest discoveries:

Architect sketch from ‘A Bit of Fry and Laurie’ perilously close to the real thing (found via who found it via ThinkGeek :: USB Cup Warmer It’s my birthday on August 7th – all gifts kindly received! delivered (almost) daily at (almost) midnight via

tidy up

A little housekeeping before I go away for the weekend. It’s been quite rightly pointed out to me that I’m guilty of something I swore I’d never do: neglecting the humble 56k modem. Apologies to any readers who’ve been cursing at the number of graphics on the page of late and the time it takes […]

time and the hunter

A pen is so much easier to carry than a PDA or a laptop. Whilst that remains true, you’ll have to suffer the occasional hand written entry. I’ve just started reading Time and the Hunter by Calvino. Peter has also bought himself a copy and he and I have agreed to do some inter-blog notes […]

latest discoveries:

Antique Phonograph Music Program Every Tuesday evening, 7pm to 8pm, on growabrain: Radio Archives blog category listing online and independent radio stations BlosGate – The Email to Blosxom Gateway …an email-to-blog gateway that allows you to publish to Blosxom via email without procmail rules and/or root access to your server delivered (almost) daily at […]

teeth on plastic

So there’s this dog. And he’s chasing a Frisbee. The former bounds across the open field making an almost incalculable number of micro-adjustments to its speed and direction. The latter glides across the open sky receiving an almost incalculable number of micro-deformations to its speed and direction. The space between them is carved and re-carved […]

cafe venue

severed hand

‘If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller’ by Italo Calvino How well I would write if I were not here! If between the white page and the writing of words and stories that take shape and disappear without anyone’s ever writing them there were not interposed that uncomfortable partition which is my person! Style, taste, […]


I deserve a slap. I missed this one first time round. Tonight, via City Comforts, through to John Udell and then finally on to Keith Pleas, I’ve found a great article on the much talked about Seattle library by Rem Koolhaas. Keith Pleas is a software architect. By making comparisons with an enthusiastic Seattle Times […]


We have a winner! James gets in first with a combination of vague memories and Google. The text in question is the lyrics to Grandad – the #1 hit from 1971 sung by Clive Dunn. For reasons I’m not prepared to explain, it popped up via the Winamp shuffle button at work this morning and […]