A doyen of Topiary once told me,
That one day he would like to grow a maze,
It seemed to be quite logical
That this should be his wish.
And with that
We both went our separate ways.

After sweating in the heat on Saturday cutting my hedge, it’s been impossible to get this lyric out of my head. It’s from the now incorrectly named, Rod Hull Is Alive, Why? by Half Man Half Biscuit. I suspect only Grotbags is laughing now.

I’ve been spending some time over the last few days setting up a seperate photography blog, in an effort to get some clearer focus and stop this page getting too image heavy. It’s not finished yet, but you can have a sneak preview if you like – it’s on my other domain name: rob.noughtpointfive.co.uk. The category filter is broken at the moment, but the weekly archives seem to be doing as they’re told.

Of course this is mostly driven by the arrival of my new camera phone. I love it. Much better picture quality than my last one and the option to record both video and audio.

For my first audio offering, I’m going to share an architectural anecdote. Last week I recorded a friend reminiscing about the time he almost jumped out of the famous corner window of the Schroder house by Gerrit Rietveld; thanks to a rather embarrasing question his colleague put to Mrs Schroder at the end of an interview.

I’ve uploaded it as an mp3. The quality is quite poor, as my friend has a habit of pacing about as he tells a story and this was a somewhat impromptu recording. If you crank up the volume you should be able to hear it alright.

My bed is calling to me. Night, night.