Contrary to my Doctor’s advice, I sat in the direct sunlight to draw this a few weeks ago. I think they call that suffering for your art.

It’s the sculpture by Anthony Gormley in Birmingham’s Victoria Square. I mentioned it a while back. Whilst I was sketching this I started to think about some of his other work and a phrase I used on an entry about ‘mobile clubbing’ came to mind – implied rhythym.

More on that later when I find a source for the specific sculptures I have in mind. For the moment I’m more interested in the realisation that my drawings are a device for capturing implied rhythym. Scrutinise them too closely and you’ll find that the proportions of the individual parts are somewhat less than accurate. Be patient and wait until the last pencil stroke is finished and somehow the sum of the parts seems to equal the essence of the underlying form; a sort of Platonic ideal that keeps the whole thing together.

No. Wait. That can’t be right. I don’t believe in Platonic ideals. There’s no such thing. Aaarrrggghhhhhh!


Anyone want a slightly damaged 4B pencil?